A newborn's body is delicate. Most of you probably already know that babies are swaddled. Your baby would have been covered in a soft towel too, when the doctor or nurse brought the little bundle of joy. But have you ever wondered why? Wrapping is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Swaddling a newborn is based on the idea that it simulates being in the womb because it makes them feel safe and comfortable and can help effectively calm them and encourage sleep when done correctly. Most new parents get instructions on how to swaddle their baby from hospital nurses, but if you're practising on your own, make sure that every time you put your baby to bed, you put them on their back to reduce the risk. Death Syndrome, or SIDS. This can be even more crucial if your child is wrapped up in a blanket. According to much research, swaddled infants who lie on their stomachs or rollover increase their risk of SIDS and involuntary suffocation. Babies should only be swaddled on their backs while being watched closely to prevent rolling over. 

5 Things to Consider Before you Swaddle your Baby

Right Fabric

When shopping for newborn swaddle wraps, you will find a wide variety of swaddling clothes made from a variety of fabrics. Based on our experience, we recommend the soft SuperBottoms Mulmul. It could be a great choice as it gets softer after each wash and becomes as light as a feather. This option is ideal for newborns in general because it keeps your baby warm and cosy despite the harsh cold of the US and protects your baby from harmful microbes. diaper wrap 

The first type of swaddle wrap is the square, used to "fold" your baby into a burrito-like wrap. The other is usually a Velcro or zippered end that you use to secure your baby in place. Wraps made from 100% mulmul are generally the most versatile, as they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a wrap, a towel, a cover-up, a sun visor if it's a sunny day in the US, a cover for stroller, play mat, baby towel, newborn cotton sheet, burp cloth, etc.

When to swaddle the baby 

Swaddling a baby is normally safe, but you need to make sure the blanket is snug but not too tight. Babies should always be put to sleep on their backs. We strongly encourage all new parents to read the helpful swaddling instructions provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). But before you get started, keep this advice in mind. 

Avoid wrapping your baby's legs or chest too tightly, as this can restrict breathing. 

Wrap your baby tightly, making sure the blankets do not come undone. Mulmul 100% cloth diapers are highly breathable, which helps prevent SIDS.

Till what age to wrap 

You should stop swaddling your baby when he is about 6 months old before he starts to roll over on his own. What should the baby wear under a sling? 

If your baby has a normal body temperature, one layer of diapers may suffice. Many newborns only need one layer of sleepwear, but a premature baby may need more. If your baby is at risk for low body temperature, you should consider wearing an extra thin layer of clothing under the swaddle. Remember that every child is unique, and their temperature can change depending on the climate in the United States; you have to constantly check to see if they are comfortable. 

Benefits of swaddling a baby 

Swaddling your baby has several benefits. This is how you can help your baby's development and sleep. Swaddling reduces startle reflexes, which can wake them up during sleep. 

It will be easier for you to hold your baby in your arms. Swaddle wraps for newborns are getting used to life outside the womb. Just like wrapping a diaper around your baby, it reproduces the safe and comfortable environment of the womb. Help children stay calm and sleep soundly.

SuperBottoms Swaddles 

Made from the highest grade of Mulmul Superbottoms softest, and softest Swaddle can be used as a diaper, towel, cover, umbrella cover, stroller cover, play mat, baby towel, baby cotton sheet, burp cloth, napkins /reusable towel, flats, picnic blanket, etc. Ideally, though, a baby aged 0-6 months should be swaddled, but as this cloth is multipurpose, you can use it for a variety of purposes even if your baby no longer needs swaddling.


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